Taxes In Retirement Workshop

Learn About The Potential Impact Taxes Have On Retirement Income


Do you have a Retirement Tax Strategy for one of life's most stressful events?

Join us at the Arabian Library in Scottsdale, AZ for an informational workshop covering Taxes In Retirement.


New Workshop Date Coming Soon!

As you move into, or continue through, retirement many aspects of your life changes including the paycheck you had become accustomed to. Even though that paycheck stopped, taxes continue as you draw income from different accounts. It is imperative for you to understand the potential impact taxes have on your retirement income. 

If you would like more information on how taxes can impact your retirement income, THIS workshop is for you.

Attend this workshop and learn about:

  • Common misunderstandings about taxes in retirement
  • The ever-changing rules for a retiring generation of baby boomers
  • The affect of lost deductions on your taxes in retirement
  • Possible ways to develop a retirement tax strategy available to retirees
  • A basic overview of the tax rules as they apply today for taxable income in retirement
  • If you plan to leave a legacy, who best should pay those taxes
  • Will death taxes effect your estate
  • How rising taxes may affect your retirement cash flow

This presentation is strictly informational. No investments will be promoted. However, the financial adviser presenting may invite you to a follow up consultation where financial products may be presented or offered. Your personal information will remain confidential.

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